Fermenters & Bioreactors – Lab to Production Scale for Microbial & Cell Culture with Standard to Custom design for MAbs, Vaccines, Enzyme, Ethanol, Probiotics, Nutraceuticals, Biopesticides, Biofertilisers
Specialized Reactors – Photo illumination, Fixed Bed, Fluidized Bed, Air Lift, High Pressure & High Temperature, Surface Cultivation
Accessories – CIP systems
Process Vessels – Media, Dosing, Harvesting
Hygienic Components - CIP spray balls, Diaphragm Valves, Pumps
Powder Handling – Cup Hermann for Sterile Powder Transfer
Mixing - Inversina 3D Tumbler Mixer


Ultrasonic Liquid Processors – Sonicators / Atomizers- Process microliters to liters in batch & continuous mode
Application: Cell Disruption, dispersing, blending, cleaning, sample preparation, homogenization, emulsification and atomization


Electrophoresis System, Digital Imaging (Photo Documentation) Systems,UV & White Light Transilluminatorsand Analysis Software Application: Protein / DNA separation and Genomics studies


Cold Chain Equipment – Pharmaceutical Refrigerators (+10°C), Blood Bank Refrigerators(+4°C), Biomedical FreezersUpright (-30°C, -40°C),Chest (-45°C, - 60°C), Ultra Low Temperature Upright/Chest Freezers(-86°C), Upright (-90°C), Cryogenic Chest Freezers (-150°C), CombiFreezer cum Refrigerator
Accessories - Racks and Boxes, Drawers, Chart Recorder, CO2/ LN2Backup, Cryo Gloves, GSM Alarm Module)
Cold Storage Rooms


Bench top Centrifuges RPM 15000, Volume 3 liter (max.), Temperature -9 °C to 40°C for Research Laboratory, Clinical Laboratory and General Industrial Use.
Accessories – Swing out rotors, Fixed Angle rotors, Serum Rotors, Micro tube rotors, Haematocrit rotors, Reducers, Height Adjusters, Adapters


Ice Flaking Machine, Freeze Dryers, Washing Disinfector, Sterilizers for General Laboratory Use


CO2 Incubator(Air & Water Jacketed), Multi Gas Incubator, Biosafety Cabinet (Class II Type A2, Class II Type B2), Water Purification Systems (ASTM Type I, ASTM Type II,ASTM Type III, CAP/CLSI Type I), PCR Thermal Cycler (Real Time) for General Laboratory Use


Kjeldahl Distillation Unit, Block Digestion Unit (Kjeldahl) for Nitrogen & Protein Analysis
Accessories - Scrubber/ Acid Fume Neutralizer, Chilled Water Circulator for Kjeldahl Soxhlet Fat Extraction Unit for Fat Analysis Reflux COD Digestion Unit for COD in Water & Waste water.


Meat Bone Band Saw, Meat Tenderizer, Meat Slicer, Meat Press, Meat Grinder, Meat Shredder, Minced meat dosing feeder, Blade, Fish Scaler for Meat Processing. Cheese Cutter, Lab Mill, Sausage Closing Machine, Knife Sharpener and Disinfector for Food Processing.
Complete Production lines.


Egg grader, Chicken stripper, Chicken Scalder, Meat Floss Fryer, Meat mincer for Chicken Processing
Fully automatic up-down Deep Fryer, Fish ball Moulder, Fish Sausage Stuffer, Fish Sausage Extruder, Fish Pelletizer, Fish Patty Moulder, Fish Patty Moulder c/w Bread Crumb Coater, Fish Paste Pestle Grinder, Fish Meat Mincer, Fish Meat Leacher, Fish Meat Dehydrator, Gas Baking Oven, Fish Meat Cleanser, Fish Jelly Mixer, Fish Dough Slicer, Fish Deboner, Fish Cake Moulder, Fish Bar Slicer, Continuous Fish Washer
Fish Meat Refiner for Fish Processing.
Auto Vacuum Packing Machine, Continuous Vertical Sealer, Plastic Bag Sealer, Stainless steel Vacuum Packer, Solid-ink coding, Continuous Sealer for Packaging.
Slicer, Cutter, Skinner, Mill, Granulator, Sieve, Divider, Mixer, Drier, Grinder, Cooker, Scrapper, Extractor, Filler, Press, Dehydrator, Filter for Vegetable, Fruits, Herbs, Chilly, Coconut, Bean and Confectionery Processing.


pH meters,ORP meters, Conductivity meters, TDS and Salinity meters, Dissolve Oxygen meters, Temperature meters, Ion meters (Portable, Inline & Bench-top) for Water Quality Testing


Measuring Instruments - CO meter, Gas Leak Detector, CO2 meter, Tachometer, Mano meter, Water Quality meter, Hygrometer, Heat Index meter, Thermometer, Data logger, Infrared Thermo meter, Sound Level meter, Multiple Function Data logger, Data Logging Printer, Transmitter, High Speed Camera.


Hand System for Oxygen Analysis in Blister Packs, Automatic System for Oxygen Analysis in Blister Packs used for Pharmacy Packaging Quality Control.
Respirometry System for diagnostic tests, measuring and monitoring in Aerobic & Anaerobic Bio-reactions.
Gas Analyzers, Gas Mixing Device (corrosive & reactive gasses) for Laboratory & Industrial Use Soil Gas Flux System for measuring soil respiration.

Customized & OEM Solutions

OEM expertise is primarily in the field of Optics, Detection & Image Analysis (Fluorescence, Luminescence, Photometry, Imaging Plate Technology) both hardware and software. Capabilities also to develop and produce Medical and Lab Instruments and assist in certification.

The Customized solutionscan be offered in analytical technology (both hardware and software) like Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Particle size analysis, Forensic, Micro plate reader, Lab Robotics from Prototypes to Turnkey Installations.

The above solutions are offered fromsome leading European Companies with whom we have associated for the Indian Market.


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